Genre versus Literary Fiction

Dr. Haydee Dabrits, Author
Dr. Haydee Dabrits, Author

Where does my newest novel (not yet in press) fit in the literary canon?

It’s a story about a Mormon family whose lives will be shattered if an eighteen-year-old secret, known to only one family member, is revealed.

To answer this question, you must ask yourself whether it is genre fiction or literary fiction. Most readers don’t think about what category the books they love reading fit into. If you were to ask them what they read, they’d likely throw out a term related to genre fiction: mystery, thriller, romance, etc. They read for entertainment, to escape a hectic world, and to inject color into their monochrome lives.

Now back to the question.

My story and the book that came before it follow the emotional journeys of the characters, in the context of them being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon), as they make mistakes (or not) and realize the consequences of their choices. There’s no preaching in this book, but it’s about how characters react when they are working within the constraints of an LDS world view. Their emotional journeys are intense and painful, as is all spiritual growth. Literary fiction is all about emotional intensity and the inner conflict of the soul. You should come away from the novel pondering its themes and even wondering how any sane individual would want to belong to a church that demands such high standards of its members. I’ll let you ponder that thought. I welcome comments.

See my first video.

David Lee was making his second video when I came in to chat with him, so he turned the camera around and made me say something, totally without warning. I’ll get him back one of these days. You can see it here.


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