The new website is started

The New Website

David Lee Crites at Writers Conference 2016
David Lee Crites at Writers Conference 2016

So, after spending a day getting my WordPress site working, I am more satisfied with it than I was with my Joomla site.

There is something inside of me that is sad about this; my Joomla site was something that only a “computer professional” could handle. I spent my career as a Computer Engineer, and even though my feelings today are that I am going to be an author, there is something about leaving that (painfully) long career that is not letting go. Like eating escargot, and it sticks out its tentacles, wrapping them around a tooth, holding on for dear life as you attempt to swallow it…

Video Two

Here is my youtube video for this entry — it is not any better than my first one, but I am going to keep them for one reason: how else can I show my improvement?

So, go here and check it out.

Article Links

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