The Journey, 03-Mar-2018

David Lee Crites at Writers Conference 2016
David Lee Crites at Writers Conference 2016

This is my third installment of my journey from my old Joomla based site to the new wordpress based one. Now I know there are tens of thousands of Joomla based web sites — I’ve made some of them. And I know there are those who love Joomla — so did I. In fact, deleting my Joomla site was an emotional experience for me.

So why did I do it? Because my future does not involve me being a Joomla programmer. I needed something that I could throw together, and have my folks maintain, easily and quickly. I watched as folks with, literally, no computer experience put up great sites for their writing business. I watched literate people (we are talking about authors, here) simply doing it.

I could maintain my Joomla site, but it would take more hours a week than the average wordpress site will take a month — and those would have to be my hours as opposed to anyone in the group for wordpress.

YouTube video for this blog.

So the bottom line issue isn’t that I don’t like Joomla — I do. But in order to focus more of my energy and time on my writing, I needed something dead simple, while at the same time fully functional. And from what I have seen, wordpress is the option.

More next time…

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