The Journey Begins

Thanks for coming over to our site.

David Lee Crites and Haydee Dabritz day of contract signing
David Lee Crites and Haydee Dabritz day of contract signing

It is just getting (re)built. Check out my initial video on starting this journey (here). As it happens, this is my first YouTube video, uploaded to my brand new YouTube Channel connected to my new YouTube account. Yea, over four decades in the computer industry, and I’m still “coming of age” in this industry.

I will continue to chronicle the journey. We will be rebuilding our complete web and social media, and then (re)publishing our books. Short version: We attended SFWC (San Francisco Writer’s Conference), and that completely disrupted everything we thought we knew.

Coming to terms with that, and pushing our chosen profession along is what “the journey” is.

Where we started.

Before I go too far here, I have to state that I am not sure where the journey will go, but I do know where it will end. So with that in mind, here is a brief description of where we are today:

  • We publish exclusively through CreateSpace and Kindle.
  • The template we use is a highly customized version of the one you can download from CreateSpace.
  • We are using Amazon Marketing Services exclusively to do our advertising.
  • We were using Joomla as the framework for our web site.
  • We bought copies of the book to give away to folks in exchange for reviews.

Where will the journey end.

The first thing I can cover is the point that we are both committed completely to the same, one, goal: Adoniah Enterprises will be a successful publishing company, providing us, and our various clients, with authorship, editing, and publishing services to help (us and) them to become successful authors.

How will we get there? How long will it take to get there? These questions will be answered by the journey we are taking.

Answers we already know.

  • I know for sure that Joomla, as powerful as it is, is not the tool we need for our web presence. It will do a better job, in the end, than WordPress will be able to do, but for now, I do not have the time to spend making that happen. I want to return to Joomla, later, but for now, we are moving to WP — which is where this is being written in.
  • Another serious point we have learned: giving away books in exchange for reviews is a failed, and expensive, process.
    Out of the dozens of books I have given out, each with the promise of a review, the only ones who actually reviewed it would have bought the book in the first place.
    There is a kind of corollary in the multi-level marketing world that goes like this: if you get a dozen friends you personally know to swear on their mother’s grave that they will come to your meeting, you will probably only get five to six. I’ll rephrase it like this: Our of every two dozen folks who swear they will post a review for a book you gave them, one will. Maybe.
  • Book signings are too expensive to worry about. The “too expensive” part includes the time needed to pull them off.
  • There is another, humorous phrase, that goes: he who has one watch knows the time; he who has two is never really sure.
    The corollary here is this: he who reads one “expert’s” book about the absolute truths of Amazon Marketing, “knows” what to do; he who reads two is never really sure, and he who reads three it totally lost.
    I spent enough money and gathered enough statistical data to show that the first two “experts” were blowing smoke. I spoke to a third at SFWC who has the success in her pocketbook to prove hers works, and, probably no shock here, several of her steps were totally opposite of what the first two say. So we are giving her book a shot. When I order her book and start using it, I will include a link to it. So keep reading.

What’s next?

While my “normal” blog entries will happen weekly, these will happen as things happen. So there might be more than one this week (probably will), and it might be a bit before the next one is posted. I will try to have YouTube links to show off what I am doing. I hope none of them are as poor as the first one is. I’m keeping that first attempt just to be able to see how things change over time.

Thanks for coming…

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